8-9 October 2018

Laser Safety Awareness and Laser Safety Officer Training Workshops

  • Sector: Laser Safety
  • Location: Pro-Lite Technology, Cranfield
  • Attendees: All welcome

Laser Safety Awareness and Laser Safety Officer Training Workshops at Pro-Lite training facility (near Milton Keynes) on October 8-9, 2018. 

Pro-Lite Technology Ltd, Cranfield, MK43 0BT

The Course:
Our Laser Safety Awareness Workshop aims to explain the risks, your rights and your responsibilities when working with lasers. The workshop is intended to be easily understood, low on maths and perfect for those working with lasers in industry, universities, hospitals and research institutes who wish to keep up to date with laser safety. The optional Laser Safety Officer Training Workshop on the second day expands upon the awareness course and is intended for those who serve as laser safety officers in their organisations.

The workshops are held in partnership with laser safety experts Laservision and your tutor is Mr Tim Frieb - lead trainer at the Laservision / UVEX Academy in Germany. Tim has that uncommon ability to make what can sometimes seem like a dry topic much more enjoyable and accessible.

More details on the workshop can be found here. To register, please click here.

£300 (Laser Safety Awareness)  
£400 (Laser Safety Officer)
£700 (Combined) 

+44 (0) 1234 436110

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