3 November 2010

Optical Micro & Nano Fabrication

  • Sector: Photonics
  • Location: The International Centre, St Quentin Gate, Telford TF3 4JH
  • Attendees: All welcome














“Many fabrication processes rely upon the interaction of light and matter. The use of lasers for machining and material processing is widespread in industry and the technology is developing rapidly. One direction for this development is the use of optical techniques to provide finer fabrication precision.

Recent years have also seen developments in optical micro and nanofabrication research, using a range of fabrication principles. One area of particular interest is the use of high resolution optical techniques to produce smaller features, with sizes well below those used in conventional laser processing. The successful implementation of these techniques has required new optics, materials and handling methods.

The meeting programme will place emphasis on research into new optical methods for fabrication on the micrometre and submicrometre scales. We invite you to participate in this meeting, present your work and network with others from both research and industry.”

Dr Martin Booth, Chairman of Meeting Programme.

Meeting Essentials
This meeting will be an important opportunity to network with leaders in optical micro and nano
fabrication technologies. For those new to these technologies this will be an excellent chance for professional development.

The Programme
The technical committee comprises:
Dr Martin Booth (University of Oxford) and Dr Patricia Scully (University of Manchester) on behalf of the Optical Group of the Institute of Physics.

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