14-16 July 2010

36th International Conference in Advanced Manufacturing (MATADOR)

  • Sector: Laser Processing
  • Location: The Univeristy of Manchester, Barnes Wallis Building, Manchester
  • Attendees: All welcome





The MATADOR Conference was established in 1959, which makes it one of the longest running conferences in the field of manufacturing. It is a truly international conference, which attracts high quality peer reviewed papers and delegates from countries all over the world. The Proceedings of the MATADOR conferences are published and held in libraries worldwide.

The 36th International MATADOR Conference will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of original contributions to the principles, techniques and applications in the areas of Manufacturing Processes, Technology, Systems Design and Integration, Metrology and Management. Special themes of this conference are Green/Sustainable Manufacturing, Composite Manufacturing, Solar Cell/Fuel Cell Manufacturing, Laser Processing and Micro/Nano Fabrication, with applications in the aerospace, bio-medical, food, energy, automotive, electronics, optics and process industries.

Professor L Li and Professor S Hinduja
Conference Chairmen

For more details and registration visit the MATADOR website


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