28-29 April 2010

Laser Engineering for Your Business

  • Sector: Welding and Cutting with lasers
  • Location: The Armitage Centre, Manchester M14 6HE
  • Attendees: All welcome



About the FREE Event

The North West Laser Engineering Consortium is the largest university based laser processing research group in the UK and works with a large number of companies. It consists of laser processing research groups at the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool.

The Knowledge Exchange for Laser Processing project aims to enable North West companies to benefit from the advantages that laser technology offers to companies working across a broad range of sectors, including Aerospace, Biomedical, Energy, Automotive, Manufacturing and Consumer Goods.

This event will provide an invaluable introduction to the potential applications and benefits of using lasers, including product improvement, time and cost savings and the ability to solve problems faced using traditional techniques in addition to new business opportunities inspired by laser technologies.

Areas of expertise
Enhanced welding processes: net shape, thin section, low distortion, low heat affected zone, narrow weld.
Enhanced material/surface properties and performance: scratch resistance, improved adhestion, self-cleaning, wearresistance, corrosion resistance, increased fatigue life, increased cell adhesion.
Enhanced drilling processes: faster, micro holes, angled holes,reduced tooling cost, chemical free.
Enhanced cutting processes: high speed, high quality, complex profiles, low heat affected zone.
Additive manufacturing: rapid prototyping, complex 3D structures, repair of high value components.

This event is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the North West Regional Development Agency therefore attendance is free for small and medium sized Enterprises
(SMEs) in the North West.

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