All AILU members can enjoy access the general 'Technical Forum' by logging in to the members' area and following the 'forums' link. Members who have elected to join a Special Interest Group (SIG) will find its relevant SIG forum accessible there too.

General access SIG forums
Membership of a Special Interest Group (SIG) is free to AILU members and non-members alike; it is simply a matter of making a request to join at AILU office and, for non-members who have not previously made contact with the Association, registering online or sending full contact details by email.  Benefits include opportunities to shape future workshops in selected SIG areas of interest and being given early notification of such initiatives.

Each SIG has a forum on this website. Until recently, most of these used to reside in this open area of the AILU site but the general volume of traffic was low and the AILU committee recently decided that they should be moved into the (closed) members area pending further developments. At the present time SIG members wishing to communicate with the others in the group should simply send their opening message to the AILU office ( where, after approval of the relevant SIG Chairman, a SIG group email will be generated.

The AILU Laser Job Shop SIG forum is free to use and open to AILU members and non-members alike. For site protection, a user name and password will however still be required for those wishing to participate, so non-members will still have to register.

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