Awards & Prizes


  • Honouring pioneers: The AILU Award

This award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding lifetime contribution to the industrial use of lasers in the UK 

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  • Encouraging the UK´s young Engineers: The AILU Young UK Laser Engineer's Prize

The Prize is designed to help encourage young people in the UK to develop their interests in laser applications. It is awarded to an individual under 30 years of age, for a significant piece of work. The work must be conducted in the UK and have real or potential economic gain for the parent organisation and preferably for the wider industrial laser user community.

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  • New in 2019, recognising outstanding ambassador who introduce laser technology to people outside the laser community: The AILU Ambassador Award.


Most recent winners:

Awards were presented at the Industrial Laser Applications Symposium 2019.

The 2019 AILU AWARD was presented to John Powell (right) of Laser Expertise  by Lin Li (AILU President 2017-2019). John has an outstanding track record in the field of laser materials processing. As one of the AILU founders and longtime leader of the Jobshop Special Interest Group, he has demonstrated  his strong commitment to AILU and to the UK’s laser community.





The 2019 YOUNG UK ENGINEER'S PRIZE was awarded to Mariastefania De Vido (STFC/Heriot-Watt University) in recognition of the work carried out in developing and optimising high energy, high power nanosecond laser sources for industrial applications. Mariastefania is pictured with supervisor Daniel Esser.



First presentation of the AILU LASER AMBASSADOR AWARD - a new award presented to an individual who has been an outstanding ambassador working to introduce laser technology to people outside the laser community. The first recipient of this award was John Marshall MBE, inventor and holder of the grandfather patent on the use of excimer lasers for refractive corrective eye surgery, as well as the use of diode lasers for treating age-related effects of diabetes and glaucoma.

John Marshall (right) receives his award from AILU President Lin Li.


Past Awards

For outstanding support for AILU: The AILU International Award

The AILU International Award is presented to an individual who has provided outstanding support to AILU over many years.

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